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A 25-year-old mum who now uses "she" and "her" pronouns for her prospective trans-daughter who is awaiting a doctor's appointment to change his gender, has narrated how he tried to cut off his penis at the age of 3.  

Jess Bratton said the shocking incident happened five years ago and made her realise how her doll-loving son Logan wasn't going through an experimental phase, but instead identified as a female and was trying to be his true self.  

Revealing that her son, Logan had always had an interest in girls' clothes and make up, and had always been keen to see how her and his younger sister dressed, the mother of two further disclosed that after seeing him trying to cut off his penis with some scissors, she decided to look into the possibility that her child was trans. 

Jess said;

“I was in the kitchen making dinner, with my back to Logan’s bedroom door. She was chattering away to her dolls but suddenly went silent.

“I shouted her name and got no response, so seconds later I went into her room and caught her sitting on the bed with her trousers down, holding a pair of scissors to her bits.

“I gasped loudly, which made her jump, and quickly took the scissors off her.

"Then I just held her in my arms and we both cried.

"Afterwards I explained that cutting herself would really hurt and that because she wanted to do something so drastic, we would have to talk to a doctor.

“That day made me realise the severity of the situation. It wasn’t just a phase; my little boy really did want to be a girl.”

The mum also revealed that she couldn’t bear to see Logan unhappy and knew things would have to change. 

She approached her family GP in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, to explain the scissors episode and that Logan no longer wanted to wear boys’ clothes. The doctor suggested that Logan’s yearning to be a girl could still be a phase, but said he was too young for counselling. 

Jess added;  

“My GP said there wasn’t really anything we could do but requested I keep a close eye on Logan in the meantime. “Before this, I had tried to encourage Logan to dress in boys’ clothing and play with boys’ toys, but after the scare I decided to welcome her wish to change." 

Not long before the incident, Jess had given birth to her youngest child Lylah, now six, with Logan doting on his little sister from the start. 

Logan soon began wearing more cropped tops and dresses, rather than the boys' clothes she had been dressed in before. 

Jess who is a healthcare assistant for residents with mental health and dementia, said;  “When Logan was just one, she was wearing tea towels on her head, wishing for long hair.

"As soon as she was old enough, she started asking to do my hair and make-up. She was just so interested in me – as well as her sister when she was born.

"As Lylah got older, the pair of them became more like sisters than brother and sister, and Logan’s desire to be a girl never went away. In fact, it only got stronger.

“When Logan was six, she started talking about having a sex change.

"She told me she didn’t want her bits and kept saying she wanted a ‘Mary’ like me and her sister! I told her that when she was a little older, the doctors would be able to help her.”

Jess who is separated from Logan’s father, is relieved that the reaction from family and friends has been positive. 





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The police have gunned down two suspected robbers believed to be behind the killing of an international journalist on the Buipe-Tamale highway.

The suspects, Hamidu Umaru and another, identified only as Haadu, were killed after a shootout with personnel of the Special Anti-Robbery Task Force on an intelligence-led operation on the directives of the acting Inspector General of Police, Dr George Akuffo Dampare.

The police have also arrested four other persons, who have been identified as Saaju Bukari, Bertor Saabi, Ali Amadu, and Isaad Seidu, in connection with the murder of the journalist.

International journalist

The journalist, Taalay Ahmed, with the London-based Muslim TV (MTA International), was killed about 6:30 p.m. last Monday during a robbery attack on a vehicle he was travelling on with members of his crew.

They were said to be returning after shooting a documentary.

Another victim, Omaru Abdul Hakim, who was travelling from Tamale to Accra with Ahmed on the Toyota Hiace mini-bus with registration number GT 7405- 16, sustained gunshot wounds when the robbers shot indiscriminately into the vehicle.


The driver, Rahman Baa, was not harmed, however.

The suspected robbers are said to have emerged from a bush at a section of the road at Sarikyekura on the Tamale-Buipe road and opened fire, deflating some of the tyres of the vehicle with some bullets penetrating the vehicle to hit the two.

The armed men fled after robbing their victims of their mobile phones and money.

The injured were taken to the Buipe Polyclinic by the police and later transferred to the Tamale Teaching Hospital, but Ahmed was pronounced dead on arrival.



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The Formed Police Unit (FPU) together with personnel from the Central East Regional Police Command have arrested fourteen herdsmen over the alleged defilement of a 13-year-old girl at Gomoa Adzintem in the Central Region.

A statement signed by Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Kwesi Ofori, Acting Director-General, Public Affairs and copied the Ghana News Agency said the special operations led to the retrieval of two single barrel, two pump action guns and 49 AA ammunition.

It assured the people of Gomoa Adzintem that an identification parade would be conducted in the community to identify the real suspects in that dastardly act on a teenager to face justice.





Source: GNA

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Four armed herdsmen have allegedly attacked a 46-year-old man who works as a security man at a poultry farm at Gomoa Adzentem in the Central Region and raped his 16-year-old daughter.

During the attack, the 13-year-old girl was shot in the hand, after which she was dragged into the bush and raped in turns by the four men.

Confirming this to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) on Saturday, Inspector Evans Ettie, Deputy Central Regional Police Public Relations Officer (PRO), said the incident happened about 2150hrs on Wednesday, August 25.

He said the girl was rushed to the Gomoa Potsin polyclinic, together with her father who was assaulted, for treatment.

According to Insp. Ettie, the police proceeded to the crime scene, conducted a thorough search and found three empty BB cartridges.

The Police is searching for the suspects who were on the run, while the victims were responding to treatment.

Investigations were still ongoing, Inspector Ettie added.





Source: GNA

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Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Kwesi Ofori, Acting Director-General of the Public Affairs Unit of the Ghana Police Service, has cautioned the public not to patronize the services of persons who pose as middlemen for the Service’s 2021 recruitment process.

“We have not engaged any middlemen for the recruitment. Nobody has been tasked to go from one community to the other to sell any form or collect any money on behalf of the Police Administration,” he warned.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency in Accra on Thursday, ACP Ofori said persons interested in being recruited into the Service should access the website provided for it when the process starts on Friday, August 27.

All laid down procedures and regulations, he noted, have been properly indicated in the Service’s advertisement in the major dailies, stressing that people should go to the Commercial Banks to buy the recruitment forms.

ACP Ofori said, “No code has been given to any private person to use and those who visit communities to transact their nefarious business as if they had been tasked should be arrested and handed over to the police”.

“Giving your money to such people is done at one’s own risk as some would use names of high-ranked police officers to transact that business but they must be challenged and arrested,” he stated.





Source: GNA


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About 473 girls who were either pregnant or had given birth have returned to school in the Central Region.

Mrs. Philomena Panyin Buckman, a representative of the National Girls Education Unit (GEU) of the Ghana Education Service (GES) revealed that within the last five months, the intensification of the campaign to get the girls back to school had yielded results.

She said this was achieved through the efforts of the Regional Advocacy Campaign Team, formed to sensitize duty bearers and well-meaning stakeholders on the importance of allowing children of school-going ages, get back to their respective classrooms to continue their academic work.

Mrs Buckman, was speaking at the review of the 'back to school campaign' project carried out last year, by the advocacy in the various districts in the Region, which was funded by UNICEF.

She indicated that the team was also formed as part of GES' intervention to ensure the return of all pre-tertiary students, especially pregnant or breastfeeding mothers and to make them gain interest in continuing their education to higher heights.

Commending the team for the good work done, Mrs Buckman stated; “we are seeing results because you availed yourself to be used, we are so proud of you and we know through you, we will achieve more”.

She urged them to continue their advocacy roles to the populace and particularly emphasize the 'Pregnancy Rentry Policy' instituted for pregnant schoolgirls not to abandon the classroom.

“We still have a good number of these girls on the street, some have engaged in economic activities and we need to bring them all back to their classrooms,” she added.

Mrs. Buckman underscored the need for Headteachers and especially parents to assist in facilitating re-entry for young mothers or pregnant students.

On conditions under the free Senior High School (SHS), she said pregnant school girls must report to the school of placement, provide reliable telephone contact and if possible return immediately to school after childbirth.

On some strategies used to ensure the return of these students, Mr. Francis Eyison, representative of the Regional Advocacy Team, said some donations were made to assist the needy with educational materials and sensitize teachers and pupils to shun stigmatization, while using different teaching methods to meet the needs of all, among others.

He further urged parents and caregivers to also assist by taking care of their grandchildren to relieve the stress of young mothers and to help ignite their interest in joining their colleagues in the classroom.





Source: GNA



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Sunday, 29 August 2021 00:00

Soldier Commits Suicide At Burma Camp

A serving military officer with the Army Recruit Training School at Shai Hills, WO II, Robert Doku has allegedly committed suicide. 

WO Doku's limp body was discovered Friday dawn hanging by a rope tethered to a tree among some growths at Burma Camp, headquarters of the Ghana Armed Forces. 

No cause has immediately been offered for Doku's alleged suicide. 

Sources at Burma Camp tell Graphic Online that the police were called in to the crime scene to begin investigation, while the body has since been deposited at the 37 Military Hospital.

WO II Robert Doku previously was stationed at the Base Ordnance Depot.







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Details are emerging about how the 28-year-old man, Richard Appiah of Abesim near Sunyani in the Bono Region, lured three boys, killed them and kept their mutilated bodies in his fridge.

The dastardly act, which can pass as the work of a cannibal, was finally discovered in an unpainted house at Abesim Alaska on Saturday, thereby sending shockwaves in the country.

It is turning out that Appiah, believed to be an architect or surveyor and a footballer, was a friend to the victims who have been identified as 15-year-old Stephen Sarpong who was in JHS2, the suspect’s own 12-year-old step-brother Louis Agyemang, and a yet-to-be-identified body of another boy.

He is believed to have been cooking for the victims and showing them some affection, and through that supposed kindness, he was able to lure them and subsequently kill them in turns.



Cannibal Unmasked

The Abesim ‘cannibal’ is said to be a man who hardly smiles, and per police records, four persons are said to have gone missing in the neighbourhood where he lives.

This has led to a heightened suspicion that he could be behind the strange disappearances.

He is said to have initially denied knowledge of the whereabouts of the boy who went missing, but whose body was eventually found in the fridge in the suspect’s room.

It was a man who lives in the neighbourhood who insisted that the suspect knew the whereabouts of the small boy because he had seen the suspect and the victim together on the day the victim went missing.

It was alleged that, Appiah after the dastardly act brought out his clothing and set it on fire, probably to delete any evidence of the crime.

Two more persons have been picked up by the police over the gruesome killings and are being interrogated. Their identities have not been disclosed by the police.



Victim’s Father

The father of the last boy (Stephen Sarpong) to be killed, Yeboah Asuama, has been explaining what might have transpired between his son and the ‘cannibal,’ whom he described as his friend.

He said “the young man (suspect), truth be told, is my friend. It was only four days ago that he came to my house that – I also work with him, he is a surveyor – he came to tell me that the land he was planning on developing had sand and blocks on it and he wanted me to sell it for him, so I did.”

He said amid tears that “just yesterday, the young man came to my house to tell me that if he did not get the money by evening time, he would sell it to another person. And I told him I had already sold it and that the buyer would bring the money within the day,” adding “so that evening, a friend of mine and I took the money from the sales to his house and gave it to him.  He gave me a receipt and escorted us home.

“Never! Never! Never! Have I heard or seen such a thing before, and I would have never suspected him in this way.”

The victim’s father confirmed that “he (suspect) used to cook and eat with my children. They were also friends.

“My son told me that he was going to the canteen we operate about 300 metres from our home. But, unfortunately, that was the last time we saw him. We had waited for him to return the whole night but he did not, so the next morning, we reported the incident to the police. We heard nothing concerning the police investigation until this morning when we heard that our neighbour had killed my son.”








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The Energy Commission has taken delivery of a new electric vehicle to test-drive and assess its performance, suitability and provide feedback to the suppliers.

The vehicle, which runs exclusively on electricity and without an engine, was manufactured by Wuling Automobile Industry Company Limited.

The vehicle, Great Wall ORA Black Cat EV, was presented by Egle Motors Company Limited, sole representatives of the brand, to support the commission’s Drive Electric Initiative (DEI) to promote electric vehicles in the country.

The Sales Manager of Egle Motors, Mr. Joseph Laryea, presented the vehicle to the Executive Secretary of the commission, Mr. Oscar Amonoo-Neizer.

Sustainable technology

Addressing the media at the presentation ceremony last Thursday at the office of the commission in Accra, the Director in charge of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency at the commission, Mr. Kofi Agyarko, said DEI was intended to usher in an era of green and sustainable technology for the future.


He stated that the objective of the initiative was to create productive demand in order to utilise the country’s electricity productively, usher in an era of green and sustainable technology for the future and reduce pollution.

He said it was also to contribute to efforts towards climate action while helping to resolve the electricity generation over-capacity in the short to medium term.




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Personnel from the Homicide Unit of the Ghana Police Service that deals with crime of murder have arrived from Accra to commence investigation into the alleged killing of three boys at Abesim near Sunyani in the Bono Region.
Homicide team

The team arrived in Sunyani yesterday after the acting Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Dr. George Akuffo Dampare, directed the team to take over the investigation into the incident.

The police in Sunyani arrested 28-year-old Richard Appiah, an architect, who is believed to have murdered the three children and kept some meat suspected to be human flesh in his fridge.

The victims are his own 12-year-old stepbrother, Louis Agyeman Junior, and a 15-year-old Stephen Sarpong. The third victim is yet to be identified.

The bodies were found in his living quarters, owned by his father at Alaska near Abesim on Friday, August 20, 2021.

The police arrested another suspect (name withheld) last Sunday to assist in investigations.

The Daily Graphic gathered from the Bono Regional Police headquarters that the team has been busy at the crime scene since arrival.

According to the source, the unspecified number of the homicide officers had picked the fridge in which the suspect was alleged to have kept the pieces of suspected human parts to the regional command.

In addition, the team has gathered and brought the exhibits suspected to have been used to commit the crime to the regional headquarters for inwards transfer to Accra.

The homicide team is being supported by some Sunyani Municipal and Abesim Police personnel.

When the Daily Graphic visited the crime scene yesterday, there was an armed police officer stationed there to prevent people from visiting the house to distort evidence.

Last Sunday, the IGP led a delegation to visit families of the two boys to console them and directed that the homicide team take over the case.










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