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President Akufo-Addo says he is confident Ghana’s locally brewed gin, popularly called ‘apio’ is one of the high export commodities the nation can leverage in growing the economy.

The President said this in his second-term inauguration address on Thursday, January 7, 2021, emphasizing the need for Ghana to aggressively pursue self-reliance.

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The Elephant Leadership of NPP in the 21st Century and Beyond: A Rejoinder to the article entitled, “You cannot lead NPP as a Muslim and a Northerner”

This article is a rejoinder to the article entitled, “You cannot lead NPP as a Muslim and a Northerner”, which appeared on Ghanaweb online edition on January 03, 2021.


The Elephant Leadership of NPP in the 21st Century and Beyond: A Rejoinder to the article entitled, “You cannot lead NPP as a Muslim and a Northerner”


The NPP is built on democratic foundations, pillars and structures for effective governance, and with a very strong believe in free market enterprise economy, and an effective constitutional rule of law.

The travail and triumph of the party have been forged within the crucible of adversity, challenges and the furnace of fire in the pursuit of individual freedoms, social justice, liberties, equity and equality before the Law.

The noble ideals of NPP have always transcended regions, religion, gender, social and economic status. These noble ideals must continue as a shining light to guide the party through the days and nights in Ghana’s political cloud.

The party selected the elephant as a symbol to emphasize its character, philosophy, relationships and governance. From One Tribe Apparel, the symbolism of the Elephant represents sensitivity, loyalty, wisdom, stability, intelligence, peace, reliability and determination.

Elephants are gentle giants, which show great care towards their herd, offspring and elders. The elephant is very slow to anger, and thus, it is a calming, stable and patient symbol.

By its huge physical form, the elephant can destroy and dominate other animals, but it chooses to live in harmony with all. These leadership traits characterized Ex-President H.E. John Agyekum Kufuor (often referred to as a Gentle Giant) and now characterize the current President H.E. Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo. It is therefore critically important that the NPP’s 2024 flag bearer mimics these character traits of the elephant to represent the party and lead the nation.

In an article entitled, “You cannot lead NPP as a Muslim and a Northerner”, attributed to one Mr. E.G. Buckman, in which he addressed the issue of the choice of NPP flag bearer using a Southern/Northern strategy, he argued that it would be a mistake to field Dr. Mahmoud Bawumia as the party’s flag bearer for the 2024 elections because he is a Muslim and a Northerner. This proposition is dangerous, backward and it cannot and must not guide our party in the choice of her flag bearer now or anytime in the future.


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Member of Parliament (MP) for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong, has explained his quiet mood when confusion rocked the inauguration of the 8th Parliament.

According to him, he received “intelligence” about the “game plan” long ago of acts to be perpetuated by National Democratic Congress (NDC) Members of Parliament.



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The saga of a pastor’s girlfriend

“Come to Jesus and your life would never be the same,” the pastor screamed, inviting those who wanted to meet Jesus to come in front of the pulpit.

James, my boyfriend held my hand and moved forward with me.

 e had dated for three years and on the verge of getting married. James had adored that man of God from a distance.

He watched his preachings on TV and wanted to even attend his church. The only stumbling block was the fact that we didn’t have a branch of his church in the town we lived in. 

One evening, James called me on phone with excitement in his voice, “Guess what I just saw on TV…the original godfather himself is coming to town

I can’t wait to meet him. Get ready, we’ll be going together.” So that evening we went for the crusade and when he called out for souls, we walked towards him.

He put his oily hands on me and prayed. He moved to James, poured the oil on him, and prayed. James fell down. He started screaming. He started moving around like he’s had a fit attack. I stood there watching and praying that things would be ok in the end.

The pastor prayed, threw the oil on him until calm was restored. He picked him up from the ground and said, “Gentleman, what runs after you can run no more. You’re liberated and from now onwards, your life would never be the same, but you have to follow God first.”

After the service, James went to meet the man of God for counseling and he came back a different person. “Your life would never be the same” hadn’t been more meaningful until that day. When we got home, he told me, “The man of God wants me to follow him.


He wants me to start a church here and be the head of the church here.” I asked him, “And you accepted to do it?” He screamed excitedly, “Why not? This is an opportunity of a lifetime.”

A trained accountant became a pastor and he started moving around, gathering “lost souls” for Christ. Every Sunday dawn, he would travel to Kumasi and worship with the main church. He called it pastoral training.


Some times I went with him and other times, I simply couldn’t keep up. I loved him when he was an accountant and I loved him still when he started having pastoral ambitions. Along the line, he started spelling out some rules for the relationship; “No more sex until we marry.

Every Saturday, we’ll fast and pray. You’ll bring your friends to church. Whoever refuses can’t be your friend. You’ll bring your family too. Whoever refuses can’t be a family.”

“James, are you alright? All my friends already have their churches. My family are staunch Catholics and you know. I don’t have a problem following you but not my friends. Not my family.”

He repeated, “If they are truly your friends, they’ll seek the face of the Lord with you. If they’re truly your family, they’ll love to build the church of God with you. You’ll have to bring them.”

Soon he resigned from work to pursue the gospel fully. I protested but he didn’t mind me. He cited Peter and he cited John and how they left everything they were doing to follow Christ.


He resigned from work when he had only one church member and that was me. We started the church in a classroom, just me and him. He would preach and I would listen. I’ll pay collection, pay tithe. Do Kofi and Ama.

He’ll end it with an appeal for funds. I was the only me, paying for all that. I understood him. He didn’t have a job and has to eat. I started giving him money even when he hasn’t asked for it.

Our marriage plan was relegated. Anytime I brought it up, he’ll say something like, “God told me to wait for his appointed time. So wait with me.”

When my family didn’t attend his church after visiting them himself to invite them, he started calling them names. “Your mom is spiritually possessed.

That’s why she can’t go on well in life.” Your dad should have been a wealthy man with so many properties in his hands but I see the devil taking everything away from him. He has to come for deliverance.” He said all he could but my family stayed unconcerned. 

He turned to my friends. They all ignored him so he started driving them away from me. He didn’t allow me to attend the wedding of Maa Efia.

When Adoley gave birth, he said the baby was a spiritual baby and God wouldn’t be pleased if I go there.

When he was with me, he’ll take my phone, go through all the messages, and started asking questions; “Why was this guy sending you too many laughing emojis? I suspect the two of you.” Why is this one sending you hearts? He’d been sent by the devil.”

On one occasion, after he had left, I went through my phone and he had deleted all the contacts and messages from my phone.

I was so angry I went straight to his house; “James, how could you do that? You’ve deleted professional contacts and leads I’ve been following up on. How do I get them back?”

He said calmly, “The Lord will provide the necessary ones. I had to delete them so you can have a new beginning.”

I screamed at him, “James there’s something wrong with your head. Ever since you started this church that’s going nowhere, you’ve changed drastically. Talking like someone who sleeps and wakes up with Jesus.

Are you getting crazy?” Out of nowhere, he threw his hand and it landed on my left eye. He screamed, “You devil, get away from me.” With a swollen face and bloodshot eyes, I left his house and vowed never to return to him again. “It’s over James. That’s all I can take.”

The next day he came over to beg me. His knees on the ground, asking for forgiveness and pleading with me not to leave him. “I didn’t mean to slap you. It was not you the moment you started talking to me like that. You were possessed by the devil and I needed to slap it away from you.”

For close to five minutes I was silent. In my silence, I said, “This is not James and I don’t think when that pastor said our lives wouldn’t be the same this is what he meant. What happened to my sweet James? That guy who once worshipped the grounds I walked. What happened to him?”

I said no to him but three days later, I crawled back into his arms telling him; “I won’t allow the devil to separate us. We are worth more than this.” That day, he poured oil on me and prayed in several tongues. He said, “We are liberated. Don’t give the devil a chance.”

I stuck around him for a long time that I started talking like him. I believed in his pastoral dreams and was ready to work with him. He abused me. I forgave him. At some point, I thought I was the problem.

I had given the devil the chance to use me to destroy James. I fasted often. I prayed often. I pulled away from friends and had very little interaction with my family. He became all I had. When he realized he owned me completely, he started treating me like a doormat.







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President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has been sworn into office for a second term as President of Ghana. In his inaugural speech delivered Thursday in Parliament, President Akufo-Addo gave an indication of what he hopes to achieve over the next four years.

In his address, the President said he hopes to complete some infrastructure projects including the provision of roads within a year while others such as establishing a strong economy did not come with any timelines.

Graphic Online takes a look at six of the promises he made in his inaugural address [Jan 7, 2021].

1. Establishing a strong economy

President Akufo-Addo said establishing a strong economy will be the main preoccupation of his second term.

He said a strong economy will generate jobs for young people and enhance living standards to the levels Ghanaians expect.

He said: "Today, our economy, even in the face of the global pandemic of COVID-19, continues to show resilience and a much faster rate of recovery than originally envisaged, and was, indeed, one of the fastest-growing economies in the world in 2020. Ghana remains one of the most attractive destinations on the continent for foreign direct investment, with the presence in the country of some of the world’s largest conglomerates attesting to this fact. Establishing a strong economy, undergoing structural transformation to value-added activities, which will generate jobs for our young people and enhance their living standards, will be the main preoccupation of my second term".

2. Nationwide electrification

According to data from the World Bank (2018), 82.4 percent of the Ghanaian population have access to electricity.

President Akufo-Addo has assured that by the end of his second term the entire country will be connected to electricity.

"The remaining fifteen per cent (15%) of our communities without electricity would be covered by the end of my second term," the President assured.



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President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo began his second term yesterday, promising to preoccupy himself with the building of pathways that would create jobs for young people.

He said the last four years had taught him that Ghanaians would no longer accept poverty and deprivation as their portion, but were rather determined to work to chart a path of growth and development for themselves.

Consequently, he said: “Establishing a strong economy and undergoing structural transformation to value-added activities, which will generate jobs for our young people and enhance their living standards, will be the main preoccupation of my second term.”

President Akufo-Addo said this in his inaugural address after he had taken the Oath of Allegiance and the Presidential Oath, administered by the Chief Justice, Justice Kwasi Anin Yeboah, before Parliament on the precincts of Parliament House.


The President said in the next four years there would be tremendous efforts to create the Ghana everybody wanted to see: “ the democratic, free, prosperous and united Ghana envisioned by our founder fathers as the Black Star of Africa”.

Therefore, he called for the support and contribution of all citizens.

Taking a look at his first term, he said: “I was able to count on the contribution of all citizens in attempting to create this Ghana.”

“What I have seen these last four years is further evidence, if any were needed, that the Ghanaian will no longer accept poverty and deprivation as his or her portion, but is rather determined to work to chart a path of growth and development for himself or herself,” President Akufo-Addo said.

4 Bedroom Mansion
August occasion

The event attracted close to two dozen of Heads of State, representatives of more than 12 countries, as well as leaders of international organisations.

Also present were members of the Council of State, heads of the security agencies, traditional leaders, members of the clergy and some prominent members of the Ghanaian society.

Prominent among them were former President John Agyekum Kufuor and the wife of the late former Vice-President Aliu Mahama, Mrs Ramatu Mahama.


Parliament was convened by its new Speaker, Mr Albert Kingsford Sumana Bagbin.

The Vice-President, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, with the Holy Koran in his hand, was the first to take the Oath of Allegiance and the Presidential Oath administered by the Chief Justice.

Maturing democracy

President Akufo-Addo said his re-election with a clear margin of over 500,000 votes was a demonstration of the confidence reposed in him, appreciation for the achievements he had chalked up in the first four years, as well as the considerable amount of work to be executed to drive the nation onto the path of progress, prosperity and development.

He said just like his predecessors Presidents Jerry John Rawlings and Kufuor, he had been blessed with two terms and thanked God and Ghanaians for renewing his mandate, adding that the accomplishment of the mandate was going to take place within the context of Ghana’s maturing democracy.

“The sheer can-do-spirit of the Ghanaian, which I have witnessed all my life, is the bedrock on which we can build the Ghana of our dreams. Indeed, four years ago, at my first inauguration, I urged all Ghanaians to be citizens and not spectators,” he said.





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Forecast by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) suggests that the global aviation industry’s full recovery compared to that of 2019 levels is not expected anytime soon until 2024.

In spite of these projections, domestically, Ghana seems to have made some strong gains in the aviation sector recovery even in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic so far.

As days go by in 2021, this article seeks to highlight some key events that are expected to take place in Ghana’s commercial aviation circle


South African Airways to resume operations

After years of battling with financial and managerial issues which led to the temporary suspension of its operations in 2020, South African Airways will be expected to resume its scheduled flights from Accra to Johannesburg and Washington DC.

A six-member board which was established last year by the South African Government is expected to help in the re-positioning of the airline for commercial operations relaunch this year.

Additional Option for Passengers Travelling to United States

United Airlines is expected to commence operations this year in spite of the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Last year, the airline indicated that plans are far advanced in seeking regulatory approval from the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) for operations in the first quarter of 2021.


United plans of servicing the Washington – Accra route from the Dulles International Airport, with three weekly flights.

With the re-emergence of United, which operated some years back in Ghana, passengers will now have more options to choose between United, Delta and South African Airways when planning travels to the United States with competitive booking offers in mind.

United is an American-based airline which ranks amongst the top five largest airlines in the world in terms of fleet size.

To operate scheduled flights between Accra and other African markets

Similar to the case of United Airlines, vflyAir also plans of setting up a commercial business in Ghana in the first quarter of 2021. Per what is known, vflyAir plans of operating cargo and passenger services in some key West Africa (Accra, Abidjan, Dakar), Central Africa (Libreville, Kinshasa), North Africa (Tunis, Cairo) and Southern Africa (Johannesburg, Cape Town, Luanda) markets.


Something tangible, more than hope for National Carrier

After the collapse of Ghana Airways over a decade ago, Ghanaians will be expecting more from the government in the establishment and operationalization of a national carrier.

Ghana’s decision to establish a national carrier is at advanced stages considering the assurances given by the Aviation Minister, Joseph Kofi Adda last year that, the government and its strategic partner EgytptAir are waiting for Parliamentary and Cabinet decisions before proceeding with operationalization plans.

So far, it is unclear the routes which the new airline will operate, however, the airline is tipped to compete keenly in the West African aviation market.



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President Akufo-Addo has declared 2021 as the “second year of roads”.

Delivering his inaugural speech on Thursday, January 7, 2021, President Nana Akufo-Addo said he will largely focus and prioritize road projects to improve infrastructure this year.

“Our roads are being constructed at a faster pace than before, and yes, there are still many more kilometres to construct. We defined last year as the year of roads. This year will be the second year of roads as we continue with our focus on dealing with the deficits of our road infrastructure.”

He also committed to the development of the railway sector in his second term.

“The development of our rail sector on which considerable resources and energies are being devoted will open up the country and also help realise the goal of regional and continental integration.”

President Akufo-Addo further pledged to roll out more infrastructural projects in his second term.

“The percentage of Ghanaians without access to potable water is said to be reduced significantly, following the commencement of water projects across the country. The majority of Ghanaians live in unacceptable housing, and we shall tackle the problem with vigour.



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Second Lady Samira Bawumia just knows how to slay it effortlessly.

The Second Lady dazzled at the inauguration of her husband and President Nana Akufo-Addo’s second term.

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CNN’s Don Lemon on Thursday hit President Donald Trump with a stark reality check of how he will be remembered.

“You will go down in history as the worst of the worst,” said the CNN anchor as he picked apart the ongoing fallout from Wednesday’s storming of the U.S. Capitol by a mob of violent pro-Trump rioters.

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