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A 25-year-old mum who now uses "she" and "her" pronouns for her prospective trans-daughter who is awaiting a doctor's appointment to change his gender, has narrated how he tried to cut off his penis at the age of 3.  

Jess Bratton said the shocking incident happened five years ago and made her realise how her doll-loving son Logan wasn't going through an experimental phase, but instead identified as a female and was trying to be his true self.  

Revealing that her son, Logan had always had an interest in girls' clothes and make up, and had always been keen to see how her and his younger sister dressed, the mother of two further disclosed that after seeing him trying to cut off his penis with some scissors, she decided to look into the possibility that her child was trans. 

Jess said;

“I was in the kitchen making dinner, with my back to Logan’s bedroom door. She was chattering away to her dolls but suddenly went silent.

“I shouted her name and got no response, so seconds later I went into her room and caught her sitting on the bed with her trousers down, holding a pair of scissors to her bits.

“I gasped loudly, which made her jump, and quickly took the scissors off her.

"Then I just held her in my arms and we both cried.

"Afterwards I explained that cutting herself would really hurt and that because she wanted to do something so drastic, we would have to talk to a doctor.

“That day made me realise the severity of the situation. It wasn’t just a phase; my little boy really did want to be a girl.”

The mum also revealed that she couldn’t bear to see Logan unhappy and knew things would have to change. 

She approached her family GP in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, to explain the scissors episode and that Logan no longer wanted to wear boys’ clothes. The doctor suggested that Logan’s yearning to be a girl could still be a phase, but said he was too young for counselling. 

Jess added;  

“My GP said there wasn’t really anything we could do but requested I keep a close eye on Logan in the meantime. “Before this, I had tried to encourage Logan to dress in boys’ clothing and play with boys’ toys, but after the scare I decided to welcome her wish to change." 

Not long before the incident, Jess had given birth to her youngest child Lylah, now six, with Logan doting on his little sister from the start. 

Logan soon began wearing more cropped tops and dresses, rather than the boys' clothes she had been dressed in before. 

Jess who is a healthcare assistant for residents with mental health and dementia, said;  “When Logan was just one, she was wearing tea towels on her head, wishing for long hair.

"As soon as she was old enough, she started asking to do my hair and make-up. She was just so interested in me – as well as her sister when she was born.

"As Lylah got older, the pair of them became more like sisters than brother and sister, and Logan’s desire to be a girl never went away. In fact, it only got stronger.

“When Logan was six, she started talking about having a sex change.

"She told me she didn’t want her bits and kept saying she wanted a ‘Mary’ like me and her sister! I told her that when she was a little older, the doctors would be able to help her.”

Jess who is separated from Logan’s father, is relieved that the reaction from family and friends has been positive. 





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The police have gunned down two suspected robbers believed to be behind the killing of an international journalist on the Buipe-Tamale highway.

The suspects, Hamidu Umaru and another, identified only as Haadu, were killed after a shootout with personnel of the Special Anti-Robbery Task Force on an intelligence-led operation on the directives of the acting Inspector General of Police, Dr George Akuffo Dampare.

The police have also arrested four other persons, who have been identified as Saaju Bukari, Bertor Saabi, Ali Amadu, and Isaad Seidu, in connection with the murder of the journalist.

International journalist

The journalist, Taalay Ahmed, with the London-based Muslim TV (MTA International), was killed about 6:30 p.m. last Monday during a robbery attack on a vehicle he was travelling on with members of his crew.

They were said to be returning after shooting a documentary.

Another victim, Omaru Abdul Hakim, who was travelling from Tamale to Accra with Ahmed on the Toyota Hiace mini-bus with registration number GT 7405- 16, sustained gunshot wounds when the robbers shot indiscriminately into the vehicle.


The driver, Rahman Baa, was not harmed, however.

The suspected robbers are said to have emerged from a bush at a section of the road at Sarikyekura on the Tamale-Buipe road and opened fire, deflating some of the tyres of the vehicle with some bullets penetrating the vehicle to hit the two.

The armed men fled after robbing their victims of their mobile phones and money.

The injured were taken to the Buipe Polyclinic by the police and later transferred to the Tamale Teaching Hospital, but Ahmed was pronounced dead on arrival.



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