SO JEALOUS': World-famous destination swamped with tourists

02 May 2021
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Remarkable photos show thousands of people flocking to an iconic tourist hotspot in the country where Covid-19 was first reported

The stunning images show people walking along the top of the Great Wall at Badaling, as people celebrate Labour Day, also known as May Day, in China.

In the photos, only some people were wearing masks and little social distancing was being observed.

According to the Global Times, a notice was released regarding the Badaling Great Wall, saying online reservations for Saturday through to Monday topped the limit of 48,750.

People in awe of China's crowds

People online expressed how envious they were of those walking along the Great Wall of China.

"So jealous," one person said in response to a video shared by Leo Ramírez, a video journalist for AFP based in Beijing.

"The passenger flow during the May Day holiday this year is enough to prove China's remarkable effectiveness in fighting the epidemic," another person tweeted.

The world's second largest economy is expecting some 265 million journeys by road, train or boat during the five-day holiday, a transport ministry official said this week — numbers last seen in 2019 before the coronavirus pandemic struck.

Key cities such as capital city Beijing, as well as Shanghai and Guangzhou, are expected to see greater demand this Labour Day holiday, said transport official Li Huaqiang.


"The number of people would have basically returned to levels seen in the same period in 2019," he added.

But Chinese authorities sounded a cautious note ahead of the break, warning that tourist attractions should impose restrictions on visitor numbers and have ticketing systems to control the flow of people.






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