Tema Police Command Records Three Attempted Murder In First Quarter

09 May 2021
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The Tema Regional Police Command in the first quarter of 2021 recorded three attempted murder cases in the region.

Chief Inspector Stela Dede Dzakpasu, Acting Public Relations Officer for the Tema Regional Police, told the Ghana News Agency that one of the cases was sent to court and under trial, the remaining two were under investigation.

Touching on other cases, she said three cases of abduction of children under 18 years were also under investigation.

A total of 15 cases were recorded in the first quarter of the year by the Domestic Violence Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU) of the Regional Police Command.

The 15 consisted of three defilements, two duties to maintain a child, two emotional, verbal, psychological abuse, seven cases of failing to maintain a child and one rape.

On robbery, the acting PRO disclosed that 58 cases of robbery were documented during the period out of which one involved car snatching, one street robbery, 51 residential, three workplace, and two highway robberies.

Twenty-two possession of Indian Hemp cases were also handled by the Command out of which 15 were under trial at the courts and six still under investigation.


On economic fraud, 10 general frauds, 23 land and mortgage, nine fraudulent transactions, six issuances of false cheque, 305 trespassing and eight unlawful damages were reported at the various police stations within the Tema region.

She advised people to be cautious and take their security seriously, adding that people should desist from walking in isolated areas, especially at night to avoid attacks and robberies from unscrupulous people.

“People should carefully select domestic staff and artisans and be couscous of persons that know their private life, by virtue of their work and association for example domestic staff, close relatives, and religious associates, among others.

Chief Inspector Dzakpasu further advised the public against keeping huge sums of money and other important documents at home and resort to the use of the banks.

She also encouraged residents to consider forming a neighbourhood watch committee to help know and protect each other, adding that every suspicious criminal activity must be reported to the police for prompt actions to be taken.






Source: GNA


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